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Who are we?

Farabi Accelerator has started its activity in Financial Technology (Fintech) since 2016. We help startups in this field to be able to boost their businesses. Farabi startups can develop their service/product and adapt them to the market more quickly by tapping our great team of colleagues and mentors. Farabi Accelerator also helps them to team up, and use the potentials of the educational talent pools in Iran.

Our scope of activity:

Farabi Accelerator professionally supports the startups in Fintech. The area of Fintech is presented in various categories. Three broad categories include Bank, capital market, and Insurance. However, our research results suggest that capital market enjoys a high potential for revenue in Iran’s market.

The Fintech market includes:

  • Payment/Billing technologies

  • Digital currencies/Blockchain

  • Data Analytics/Securities

  • Peer-to-peer lending

  • Equity Crowdfunding

  • Personal finance/Wealth management

  • Institutional/Capital Markets technologies

  • Insurance technologies (Insuretech)

Founding Board

Pouya Kondori

Chief Executive Manager

Mohammad Ghasemi

CEO at Soshyant

Rahman Babazadeh

CEO at Farabi Brokerage

Arash Morshed Solouk

CEO at AVA Wealth Management

Mohammad Moradi

CEO at Bourse24

Seyed Omid Mousavi

CEO at Omid Analyzer

Farabi Operational Team

Pouya Kondori

Chief Executive Manager

Fahimeh Ghahari

Research and Development Expert

Narges Gharib

UI/UX Designer

Join Us!

Farabi’s largest achievement is a young and motivated team. By combining different talents and personal abilities, we are looking for creative and innovative solutions to the Fintech problems. You can also be a member of the Farabi family.