What is the aim of Farabi Accelerator?

Our aim is to attract, support and invest in the startups that intend to work in the Capital Market, Financial Technology (FinTech), as the first priority, and Information Technology and New Technologies, as the following priorities.

What is the relationship between Farabi Accelerator and Farabi Brokerage?

Farabi Brokerage is the supportive organization and the primary partner of Farabi Accelerator. Rahman Babazade, Farabi Brokerage CEO and one of the Farabi Accelerator’s founding board as well as a member of the board of directors, is personally involved in this new institution.

What happens in Farabi Accelerator?

To find out more about information about Farabi Accelerator circles, You may visit http://farabi.ac/program

How long does Acceleration programs take in Farabi Accelerator?

If a startup is admitted in Farabi Accelerator, The Pre-acceleration programs could range from 3 to 6 months, which depends on the agreement reached with each startup. After achieving the pre-set goals in the Pre-acceleration, the Acceleration program will start, ranging from 6 to 9 months. Thus a startup will be present at least for 9 months and at most 15 months in Farabi Accelerator.

What will happen after I enroll?

Following your enrollment in Farabi Accelerator Website, your startup will be added to the Farabi Accelerator Directory (FAD) accessible by a team of investors and Farabi managers. Each individual rates your startup through checking it; this specifies each startup rank in the Directory. The higher ranks in FAD will have the top priority for being chosen and invited for an interview.

Will my rank be announced in FAD?

No. following the due comments, the approximate time for choosing and settling will be automatically sent to you.

How many funds will each startup receive in the Acceleration Courses? Does it also include office, Internet, and the other services?

At the beginning of Acceleration program, there is a period of two weeks for each startup to prepare the “joint document of primary goals” with the cooperation of Farabi Accelerator team. In this document, an amount of required fund will be also predicted to set up a start-up. The amount of Farabi Accelerator investment might get up to 150 Million Tomans. However, another part of cost, including work space, Internet, tea, coffee, and the other acceleration services, will be a fixed sum of 25 Million Tomans for each startup. In short, there will be an investment of up to 150 Million Tomans and 25 Million Tomans cash and non-cash, respectively, for each Startup.

Will Farabi Accelerator reinvest after the Acceleration program?

Farabi Accelerator does not invest directly. That depends on your startup. If you would like to bootstarp, you will not need an investor. If you need one, Farabi’s investors team will be invited to listen to your presentation in a Demo Day and after negotiations, your startup will get the investment.

Can a startup which has been already invested in enter Farabi Accelerator?

No. Only the startups that do not have any record of investment and the founders own all its shares might enter Acceleration.

When will our company be registered?

At the end of the Pre-acceleration Course, a company is registered by Farabi Accelerator. That will be a privately held company. In this company’s registration, some authorities and limits will be regulated in the statute.

Will not my idea be stolen during the circle?

We have stated many times what matters is not the idea, but the one who performs something correctly. We do not guarantee idea stealing. The confidential code sources, documents and texts will be protected and you can feel secure about them.

Should I have a Business Plan to get admitted in Farabi Accelerator?

No! No need for Farabi Accelerator. If you would like to make one for yourself, that is OK. We focus more on the initial product and team, and they matter more.

Is it possible to attend Farabi Accelerator from other cities or countries?

Why not! Of course it is. You must stay in Tehran (temporarily) to take Pre-acceleration and acceleration programs.

What percentage of Companies’ shares belong to Farabi Accelerator?

It depends on two things: 1. Startup appraisal amount, and 2. The fund it requires

The startup appraisal will take place at the end of Pre-acceleration program and the first two weeks of Acceleration program. It will be carried out with the cooperation and consultation of startup and startup executive team and will be listed in joint document of secondary purposes.

How many startups can Farabi Accelerator admit?

Currently, Farabi Accelerator can admit 5 startups at the same time. If one of the startups manages to reach the end of Acceleration program, the other startups listed in FAD will be invited for an interview and admittance.

Are we supposed to be present in the Accelerator site for taking Pre-acceleration and acceleration programs?

Yes. The shared workspace in Farabi Accelerator is provided for the settled teams. While talking the Pre-acceleration and Acceleration Courses, you are expected to be in the Accelerator site for at least 8 hours in the working days.